SnowySierra Games

You're a fox in this cute, funny, nature-themed brick-breaker game with a twist! Explore, discover and rescue its animal friends in 21 colorful, non-linear levels with an auto-map. Bounce or rotate your ball. Destroy or avoid cute obstacles. Levels are uniquely generated and highly replayable. Awoo!

Available for Windows & Linux on and Steam

Help the furry inhavitants of this island find heir lost items in this VR adventure game. Listen to 3D audio to find your way through the island. Featuring full voice acting and an orchestral soundtrack.

Available for Android on Google Play

This is a free VR platformer / parkour game that requires no gamepad to play. Run, jump, dodge and shoot your way through an obstacle course. The game ends with a fun optical illusion through a Vortex tunnel.

Available for Android on Google Play

The following Virtual Reality games are available on the Google Play Store for the Android smartphones, such as Samsung, LG, HTC and Motorola. These games require a Google Cardboard, Durovis Dive, DODOcase VR, Zeiss VR One or FIBRUM VR headset.